(i) PFA: Please Find Attachment

PFA is an internet slang that stands for Please Find Attachment. This word is used in email when a person attaches a picture, a PDF file or anything with the email. It is used to signify that an attachment is added with this email, please check this out.

(ii) PFA: Predictive Failure Analysis

Predictive Failure Analysis is a computer machine that is used to predict future failures of hardware components and proactively use a mechanism to avoid them. It was originally used as a proprietary IBM technology for monitoring future failure of hard disc drives.


PFA is introduced in 1992 by IBM. This technology is relied on measuring several keys parameter of the drive units.

Other PFA Full Forms

Acronym Expansion
PFA Protection From Abuse
PFA Pacific Film Archive
PFA Public Fishing Area
PFA Parent Faculty Association
PFA Process Flow Analysis

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