The full form of PO is Post Office. It is a piece of public postal framework. It gives client assistance office like mail related administrations for example letters packages and so on. It additionally sells postage stamps, bundling and fixed. Many mailing stations offer extra administrations like giving and tolerating government structures, handling taxpayer driven organizations and expenses and banking administrations. The main director of a mail center is a post ace.


PO stands for Post Office. It is a public office that gives mail administrations, including tolerating of letters and bundles, giving mail center boxes, and selling postage stamps, bundling, and writing material. Mail centers may likewise offer extra administrations, which differ by nation. These incorporate giving and tolerating government structures, (for example, identification applications), handling taxpayer driven organizations and charges, (for example, street charge), and postal reserve funds or banking administrations, (for example, investment accounts and cash orders). The main director of a mailing station is known as a postmaster.

Preceding the coming of postal codes and ZIP codes, postal frameworks would course things to a particular mailing station for receipt or conveyance. During the nineteenth-century in the United States, this regularly prompted littler networks being renamed after their mail depots, especially after the Post Office Department started necessitating that mailing station names not be copied inside a state.


The expression “Post-Office” has been being used since the 1650s, soon after the legitimization of private mail administrations in England in 1635. In early Modern England, post riders – mounted messengers – were put (“posted”) like clockwork along post streets at posting houses, otherwise called post houses, between significant urban communities (“post towns”). These pens or motels allowed significant correspondence to go immediately. In early America, mail depots were otherwise called “stations”. This term and “post house” tumbled from use as pony and mentor administration was supplanted by railroads, airplane, and autos.

Today, the expression “Mailing station” ordinarily alludes to government postal offices giving client care. The expression “General Post Office” is in some cases utilized for the public base camp of a postal assistance, regardless of whether it doesn’t give client care inside the structure. A postal office that is utilized solely for preparing mail is rather known as arranging office or conveyance office, which may have an enormous focal territory known as an “arranging” or “postal corridor”. Coordinated offices joining mail preparing with railroad stations or air terminals are known as mail trades


There is proof of corps of imperial dispatches dispersing the pronouncements of the Egyptian pharaohs as ahead of schedule as 2,400 BC and the administration may extraordinarily go before even that date. Essentially, sorted out frameworks of post houses giving quick mounted messenger administration appears to be very old, in spite of the fact that sources change as to exactly who started the practice.

Certainly, when of the Persian Empire, an arrangement of Chapar-Khaneh existed along the Royal Road. The second Century BC Mauryan and Han lines built up comparative frameworks in India and China. Suetonius acknowledged Augustus for regularizing the Roman organization, the Cursus Publicus. Neighborhood authorities were obliged to give messengers who might be answerable for their message’s whole course. Privately kept up post houses (Latin: stationes) exclusive rest houses (Latin: mansiones) were obliged or regarded to think about them along their way. Diocletian later settled two equal frameworks: one giving new ponies or donkeys to critical correspondence and another giving strong bulls to mass shipments. Procopius, however not fair-minded, records that this framework remained generally flawless until it was destroyed in the enduring domain by Justinian in the sixth Century.

The Princely House of Thurn and Taxis family started ordinary mail administration from Brussels in the sixteenth century, coordinating the Imperial Post of the Holy Roman Empire. The British Postal Museum asserts that the most established working mailing station on the planet is on High Street in Sanquhar, Scotland . This mailing station has worked ceaselessly since 1712, a period where ponies and stage mentors were utilized to convey mail.

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